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Easily Installable Fly Screen Replacement Services for any Property

Preventing insects from entering the home is not an easy feat to achieve. Without proper fly screen installations; flies, mosquitoes, and several other insects can enter your house and infect it with harmful diseases.

There are different types of fly screens with various material options that one can easily mount anywhere.

Our custom-made fly screens have been installed in a number of well-known areas of Dubai and Sharjah. To keep some of the intruders out of your property, you can use of Insect Mesh and keep your property more clean and tidy.

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We provide best Fitted Fly Screens for All Kind of Windows

Roll-up Window Net

The most cost-effective roll-up net screens offer protection from insects and bugs even if you are on a tight budget. While these nets maybe picket-friendly, they are difficult to repair once they inevitably break. Pleated mesh screens are a better alternative if you’d want fly screen mesh replacement at your homes.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Easy replacement fly screens can be easily attached to tilt and turn, or swing windows. The mesh installed on these window panels can be simply tucked away in its frame when not in use. This prevents the mesh screens from damage caused by the sun.

French Windows

Our pleated screens are easy to install on large French windows. While other screens are probably difficult to mount on these windows, these screens provide an attractive view while preventing bugs from entering your home at an affordable price. Allow fresh air to enter your property with these pleated screens.

Window Screens

The retractable window screens offer an innovative yet simple solution to all your insect problems. The screen nets comprise zero mechanical parts allowing you to simply install them. These screens are protected by a solidframe and can be easily replaced once they are damaged.


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Most Common FAQs

The cost of replacing fly screens can be equivalent to call a repairman at home in Dubai.

For small holes, apply transparent nail polish on them or sew them together. Cut a piece of unused mesh and attach them on a large hole to cover it.

Yes, pet doors can be easily installed in screen doors of almost every type.

While the screen blocks some light, it will allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate in your rooms.

Just wash the screens once a month with mild detergent. That’ll do the the trick.